Western Sydney's Top Obstetrician

Western Sydney's
Top Obstetrician

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Dr. Kumara Siriwardena

“I firmly believe that the miracle of childbirth is a transformative journey that leaves an everlasting mark on families. My mission is to provide exceptional care, ensuring the health and happiness of both mother and baby. With a deep understanding of the profound significance of this experience, I am here to support you in embracing the beauty of new life at every stage, from pregnancy to delivery and beyond.”

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Dr. Siriwardena

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As a highly skilled and experienced obstetrician, he has delivered many hundreds of babies. He will make you feel at ease, and answer your questions and concerns in a friendly and unhurried manner. During your pregnancy you will have the opportunity to discuss the preferred mode of delivery as well as pain relief in labour. Your health and that of your babies are Dr. Siriwardena’s highest priorities. Consider him for your next obstetric consultation.


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